About Us

A Crisis Has No Schedule™. That is why BHL’s professional and caring staff are available any time day or night to help you or a loved one with a mental health crisis or problem with drugs or alcohol. They can also help you schedule an appointment with a provider.

Since 1998, BHL has provided quality personal interaction through its crisis intervention and access services. Our programs are recognized nationally for setting a new standard of care.

Our unique approach to our services comes from combining the compassion and caring of a community provider with the sophisticated business model, software, and data tools of managed care. Yet BHL is neither — our core business is crisis intervention and access. It is our niche, our passion, and what we do best.

We differentiate our hotlines, mobile teams, and disaster services by:

  • Active engagement and collaborative problem solving
  • Informed choice empowered by BHL’s status as an independent broker
  • Real-time connection to services through shared scheduling
  • Active follow-up for those with urgent and emergent needs
  • Least intrusive intervention, which results in better outcomes and reduced cost (fewer ER visits, inpatient hospitalizations, and law enforcement interactions)

BHL continuously monitors customer satisfaction and clinical outcomes, and company leaders actively participate in national committees. As we have in the past, BHL will continue to implement innovative research-based ideas providing national leadership to help set the standard for hope and recovery for those in crisis.