Programs and Services

Crisis & Access Hotlines

Call Center clinicians provide brief clinical screening, triage, and service linkage for 25,000 incoming calls per month. Caring, concerned professionals determine the level of service needed and offer the caller a choice of providers. Clinicians connect in real-time to appointments with nearly 200 community mental health center sites.

Mobile Teams

Throughout Metro Atlanta and Coastal Georgia, mobile clinicians assess more than 600 individuals per month at their residence, social service agency, emergency room, or on the street. Our goal is to obtain the least intrusive intervention to maximize the recovery of the person, while minimizing involvement of law enforcement, emergency rooms or inpatient facilities.

Disaster Outreach

From 2005 until 2007, BHL provided crisis outreach services to evacuees displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Through the FEMA-funded Crisis Counseling Program, nearly 40 staff provided individual and group counseling to thousands impacted by the disaster.

Community Education/Coordination

BHL meets regularly with a formal advisory board comprised of community stakeholders, behavioral healthcare providers, law enforcement, ER staff, persons who have utilized services, etc. These services are provided by BHL to the public at no cost. This Web site does not advertise products or services of entities external to BHL. If you are interested in finding out more, please email us.

Crisis Counseling Program

From 2005 through 2007, BHL provided disaster outreach extending to 90 counties for thousands of those displaced by Hurricane Katrina. The FEMA-funded Crisis Counseling Program provided forty community outreach workers and 24/7 Call Center support.