Who We are


Our mission is to provide integrated crisis intervention and access management services that empower individuals in a mental health crisis, a crisis related to intellectual disability, or with problems with drugs or alcohol, to obtain and sustain a life of recovery and resilience.



To be the leader of integrated crisis and access services that are research-based, clinically professional, technologically advanced, but full of heart and empathy to engage and collaborate with those in crisis.


  • We are committed to being reliable and consistent 24/7, a service those in crisis can count on because a crisis has no schedule
  • We believe individuals deserve informed choice, and we advocate linking them with programs they prefer
  • We strive for quality personal interaction; the highest caliber clinical care combined with caring, active engagement and collaboration
  • We strive to actively link individuals with providers, scheduling an appointment in real-time or connecting those in crisis with the next step
  • We believe in an independent broker approach, which maximizes our ability to advocate for those seeking care
  • We value innovation and technology as a means to improve our outcomes and report on our performance indicators
  • We value research and evidence-based approaches and integrate analysis by experts into our process