Mission, Vision, and Values 

Our culture and business depends on it

BHL Mission

Our mission is to provide crisis intervention and access management services that empowers behavioral health professionals to give guidance for a life of recovery and resilience.  

BHL Vision

Everyone in a crisis gets care when and where they need it. 

BHL Values

Our values are driven by H.E.A.R.T. 

Honesty We act with the highest ethical standards, which is fostered by the quality, condition, and characteristics of being fair, truthful, and morally upright. Honesty impacts our entire business and the relationships we build with our customers. It moves us forward and allows us to feel good about what we do each day.

Empathy – Our ability to understand and share the feelings of others with authenticity and care is at the core of everything we do. 

Adaptability – The ability to adjust is key to success, and the more adaptable we are, the greater impact we’ll have on the community. Being able to handle change with ease showcases our ability to stay ahead of the healthcare curve.  

Respect – We are an inclusive and diverse company, and we serve diverse customers. We believe we are a better company when each of us feels included, valued, and can trust colleagues who respect who we are individually, and collectively, and how we contribute to our business success. 

Teamwork – We use teamwork to unify our purpose and achieve our mission and vision. While we value individual contributions toward achieving our goals, we also realize we are better together! Open communication, transparency, and creating a culture of belonging only enhance our performance to be the best at what we do.  

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