Crisis Contact Center

For Individuals seeking Behavioral Health Treatment, Georgia Crisis and Access Line:
1-800-715-4225 | Available 24/7

In 2006 BHL began a unique collaboration with the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Development Disabilities. For the first time individuals from anywhere in Georgia could call one toll-free number (GCAL) for access to care in a crisis. The Georgia Crisis & Access Line links callers with trained professionals who provide the most appropriate linkage to care for mental health crises, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse crises.  Contact Center staff coordinate with mobile dispatch when needed to send a mobile team to a caller to deliver crisis intervention services in—person and connect callers to out-patient services. Also, for Georgia’s youth and young adults ages 10-26 GCAL created an app that connects to our Contact Center staff called MyGCAL App. It allows young people in Georgia to choose how they want to reach out to us either through text, chat, or phone call and helps you reach out without having to remember any long phone numbers or websites.

Spread the Word, Help is a Call Away

Assist your community by having Georgia Crisis & Access Line (GCAL) cards on hand. Please distribute these cards to clients and community members.

Request printed GCAL cards via email or print your own.

Request Printed GCAL Cards