The BHL Platform 988 & Crisis Care Software Solution

Does your behavioral health system need an upgrade? 

BHL Platform Software Solution on Mobile Device

BHL supplies an all-encompassing software solution called the ‘BHL Platform’ that can bring together all facets of the crisis management system by linking the person in crisis to the appropriate type of care in real time. It also connects the provider network to offer a more integrated and coordinated response. 

BHL’s Platform is designed to enable staff to support an individual across the care continuum, always centering the needs of the person in crisis. With specialized modules for each phase of their crisis care journey, this platform can dramatically reduce wait times for mobile response, for finding empty beds in crisis receiving facilities, and for connecting people to community clinics and follow-up support. 

Designed by national experts in crisis services, this platform is aligned with SAMHSA’s National Guidelines for Behavioral Health Crisis Care and 988 service requirements. The platform acts as an air traffic control for mental health professionals to support clients through their chain of care.

Your Crisis Now Solution 

The BHL Platform continuously supports the care of a person in crisis from their first point of contact to the final step of their recovery journey for the best outcome.

The full cloud-based system provides:  

  • A crisis call center hub
  • GPS-enabled mobile dispatch
  • Real-time bed registry
  • 24/7 outpatient scheduling
  • Live performance dashboards and data analytics
  • Follow-up care and safety planning
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Crisis Call Center Hub

The call center module supplies an embedded risk assessment to guide the patient’s conversation about the type of care needed. As the patient answers a series of 988-ready questions it’ll assess the level of risk to help the agent with the type of care the patient needs. These acuity guidelines make the intake process easy to manage quickly and efficiently.

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24/7 Outpatient Scheduling

This module provides the caller with their next step before hanging up the phone by locating the closest providers with matching admission criteria. The call agent can also send, receive, and track referrals electronically.

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GPS Enabled Mobile Crisis Response

The mobile module supplies clinicians with industry standard assessments and enables recommended interventions, with real-time documentation in the field. The module also includes built-in safety features such as electronic staff check-ins and a method to silently call 911 if needed.

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Real-time Bed Registry

This module allows the visualization of statewide bed capacity. Using the caller’s zip code, the platform suggests the closest facilities with an available bed and matching admission criteria to meet the caller’s needs. Providers can send and receive referrals electronically, eliminating fax or physician phone calls.

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Performance Dashboards

A central feature of the platform is for state and local officials to have access to real-time reports and dashboards. This critical information will inform decisions, justify funding requests, find service gaps, and continually improve care.

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