24/7 Outpatient Referrals and Scheduling

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When crisis call center staff assess a caller as having routine or urgent needs, staff can place an individual in an appointment slot any time, day or night.

To maximize this functionality, all outpatient providers contracted with the stakeholder should be required to give the crisis call center electronic appointment slots or just in time/ walk in appointments. Providers control their slots and are responsible for logging into the secure website to give the crisis call center access to the appropriate number and type of appointment slots. 

The provider can log into the application to view scheduling and view the clinical information related to the referral.

Graphic: Outpatient Scheduling photo-graphic treatment.

Outpatient Referral Highlights

  • Provides the caller with their next step before hanging up the phone
  • Locates the closest providers with matching admission criteria
  • Sends, receives, and tracks referrals electronically

Outpatient Scheduling Highlights

  • Each facility can define appointment time slots, the appointment duration, and hours of service
  • The appointment will include all documentation to improve service follow-up

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