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BHL’s proprietary software is designed to assist call centers in managing the complexity of behavioral crisis calls while capturing vital information to ensure individuals are linked to the most appropriate level of care. 

This module is based on industry best practices, research, and national expert guidance in crisis assessment and intervention.

The platform is aligned with 988 data requirements, with a design flow that is intuitive for listening and collaborating with the caller.  

The BHL Platform creates an unbroken data stream for each episode of the care lifecycle. The result is a complete record of services from beginning to end.  

Call Center Hub Capabilities  

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  • Acts as a universal communication platform including voice, text, and chat
  • Enables efficient and comprehensive counselor data collection in line with 988 requirements, while supporting the conversation’s natural flow, from greeting to wrap-up
  • Tracks available emergent and urgent resources such as appointments, mobile crisis team location and status, and crisis stabilization units or inpatient bed availability
  • Ensures a connection to the most appropriate resource as close to the individual as possible
  • Supports care and safety during the call and throughout the chain of care, including follow-up contacts, safety planning, and mobile assessments
  • Allows for editing an existing episode of care or creating new episodes of care for the same consumer, unified by a single consumer ID
  • At any time during the call, an agent can initiate an emergency response using important data points such as individuals in the home, weapons, or pets

The BHL Platform Difference

Information is conveniently grouped within menus that the crisis call center staff can freely navigate based on the natural flow of the conversation.  

Screening and Assessment

The BHL Platform assessment scales are comprehensive and fully aligned with 988 requirements, industry-wide best practices, current research, and guidance from national experts in risk and level of care assessments.

Collaborative Care Planning

The platform is designed to efficiently facilitate collaboration with the individual in planning their continuing care, generating a range of available options based on their assessed needs, their preferences and capabilities, available local services, and your agency’s protocols.

Coaching Tools

With call center best practices baked into its DNA, the platform acts as a real-time coaching aid for counselors regardless of their experience, reinforcing consistent, effective care for serving people in crisis.

Quality Improvement

Consumer satisfaction surveys, complaint tracking toward resolution, and counselor performance monitoring scales can be built into the platform to better assure quality call center services.

Supervisor Supports

With so many contact center staff working remotely and often in need of immediate and frequent support, this platform is built to optimize contact between counselors and their supervisors in real-time, as well as enhance connection and feedback with each other over time.

BHL receives nearly 300,000 calls resolving approximately 85% by phone.

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