Real-Time Bed Registry

Workflows built in one platform

Graphic: Real-time patient bed registry photo-graphic treatment.

Icon: Real-time Bed Registry.

BHL’s bed tracking module shows the status of every bed in the statewide system and can be sorted by location and bed status (available, out of service, occupied, etc.). Beds can be filtered by several data points including business rules for facility clinical inclusion and exclusion criteria.


Real-Time Bed Registry Highlights:

  • Allows the visualization of statewide bed capacity
  • Recommends the closest facilities with an available bed and matching admission criteria
  • Providers can send, receive, and track referrals electronically

    Key stakeholders can also see how many individuals are waiting in a particular area of the state and how many beds are available, receiving an instant update on provider capacity and utilization. 

    Facilitates nearly 20,000 crisis bed admissions per year using the real-time bed registry module.

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