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BHL Provides the Following Crisis Now Services

A call center hub provides 24/7/365 access to crisis services via phone, text, or chat. Call center hubs resolve approximately 90% of the callers’ concerns telephonically, and can provide real-time connections to care for the 10% who need additional support. Integrated software solutions ensure enhanced coordination of care, and a robust data interfaces drives process improvement, accountability, and transparency.

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Mobile Crisis teams offer community-based intervention to those in crisis wherever they are – home, work, or anywhere in the community. There is no restriction based on location or the day or the time. Crisis has no schedule. Teams connect individuals in a mental health crisis to facility-based care as needed by providing warm hand-offs and coordinating transportation.

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Orchestrate connections to care including 24/7 outpatient scheduling, live bed registry, one-click mobile crisis dispatch, and robust data analytics.

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"When you know where you’re going you have DIRECTIONS. When you don’t know where you are going it’s called a JOURNEY. And when you’re lost, it is an ADVENTURE." Jerome Lawrence #Art #HopeIncStories Read More

If you or someone you love is considering suicide, help is available. e. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline toll-free number, 1-800-273-TALK(8255) connects the caller to a certified crisis center near where the call is placed. #suicideprevention Read More

"Dig into your people that dig into you – the others can pave their own paths instead of using you to make their dreams happen." #HopeIncStories #RecoveryTalk Read More

"Time is precious and shouldn’t be wasted... I’ve stopped counting the days but I’m doing everything I can to make each day count. I hope that this helps you, wherever you are and whatever you are experiencing." #HopeIncStories #RecoveryTalk Read More

To me, recovery has to do with learning to move from pain to power, and using that power to greater purpose. Batman is wonderful example. Recovery is like a Hero’s Journey - the hero may stumble and fall, but learns to rise up stronger and wiser. Jonathan Kane #RecoveryMonth Read More

Ordinary People (1980) explores suicide and stigma as Conrad and his family cope with the accidental death of Conrad’s older brother. One of the greatest tools against suicide and the stigma is to talk about it without shame or judgement. Read More

"Personally, I use this as a primary coping tool on hard days however to me painting is just a lot of fun on its’s the freedom to express myself in some fashion that is not controlled by rules and deadlines." #HopeIncStories #WellnessTools Read More

At times, many of us may feel powerless to what life throws at us or to pain from the past, including fears about of our future. Remember that there is power in choice and no matter the circumstances you always have a choice. - Jonathan Kane. #RecoveryMonth Read More

Nearly 38% of people living with a substance use disorder have a mental illness. Yet, most people don’t have access to both mental health and substance use treatment. #CrisisTalk Read More