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BHL Provides the Following Crisis Now Services

A call center hub provides 24/7/365 access to crisis services via phone, text, or chat. Call center hubs resolve approximately 90% of the callers’ concerns telephonically, and can provide real-time connections to care for the 10% who need additional support. Integrated software solutions ensure enhanced coordination of care, and a robust data interfaces drives process improvement, accountability, and transparency.

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Mobile Crisis teams offer community-based intervention to those in crisis wherever they are – home, work, or anywhere in the community. There is no restriction based on location or the day or the time. Crisis has no schedule. Teams connect individuals in a mental health crisis to facility-based care as needed by providing warm hand-offs and coordinating transportation.

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Orchestrate connections to care including 24/7 outpatient scheduling, live bed registry, one-click mobile crisis dispatch, and robust data analytics.

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Mobile response teams can help by providing schools with a non-law enforcement alternative when students are in distress—these partnerships can help schools better understand their students’ mental health needs. #MentalHealth #Conversations #Healthcare Read More

"We love people despite their flaws, we love people because of their flaws, and we forget too easily that we need the same love. You are worthy of love, no matter what flaws you feel you may have. " #HopeIncStories #RecoveryTalk Read More

Getting Back Up: Stefan Talabisco says the misconception is that once you fall down, you’re not going to get back up. #HopeIncStories #Inspiration #Encouragement #Hope See the video at Read More

Alongside his DBHDD colleagues, Sanchez developed an appeals process for job applicants deemed ineligible. “We’d review each case individually,” he says, “and we hired most people who appealed.” #CrisisTalk #EveryVoiceMatters Read More

"It’s been said that life is about community, tribes, family — connection. Experience brings connection. Connection brings hope. Hope carries life." #HopeIncStories #JoinOurCommunity Read More

"I now know world peace starts within me, one moment at a time. Find what you need to be more at peace in this moment, and then the next moment and next, so peace can emanate more fully into our world." #HopeIncStories #JoinOurCommunity Read More

“SAMHSA and CMS jointly coming together to talk to Medicaid leaders and behavioral health agency leaders about the guidance would be really helpful,” Browning says. Each brings to the table their own set of expertise.#CrisisTalk #988 Read More

"there were a few moments that deeply resonated with me...many people were able to wash their souls and refocus on what truly mattered – things like family, dreams, and self-reflection." #HopeIncStories #JoinOurCommunity Read More