We Built a Solution so You can Build The Future

Since operating the nation’s first statewide public behavioral health crisis response system in 2005, Behavioral Health Link (BHL) is an industry leader in the delivery of local, state and national crisis service coordination through its “air traffic control” software solution.

The BHL Platform supports a comprehensive model of crisis management, linking various resources to reduce response times, reduce ER visits, and reduce law enforcement involvement for a more integrated response.

User interface graphic simulating the Dashboard
Supporting graphic Fully aligned with SAMHSAs 988 requirements and the National Guidelines for Behavioral Health Crisis Care
Supporting graphic Linking the person in crisis to the appropriate type of care
Supporting graphic Air traffic control for behavioral health professionals

The BHL Platform

Your 988 Crisis Now Software Solution

The BHL Platform was heavily leveraged in the development of the federal model for crisis care systems. The Platform also influenced the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention’s Crisis Now model and SAMHSA’s National Guidelines for Behavioral Health Crisis Care.

The federal 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline promises to transform crisis care systems across the nation, and regional leaders will need to turn to experienced and trusted providers for developing crisis care communication platforms that are just right for their communities.

If your healthcare team is ready to supply better care and stellar patient monitoring, BHL has built a solution, so you can build a better healthcare future.

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