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BHL Provides the Following Crisis Now Services

A call center hub provides 24/7/365 access to crisis services via phone, text, or chat. Call center hubs resolve approximately 90% of the callers’ concerns telephonically, and can provide real-time connections to care for the 10% who need additional support. Integrated software solutions ensure enhanced coordination of care, and a robust data interfaces drives process improvement, accountability, and transparency.

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Mobile Crisis teams offer community-based intervention to those in crisis wherever they are – home, work, or anywhere in the community. There is no restriction based on location or the day or the time. Crisis has no schedule. Teams connect individuals in a mental health crisis to facility-based care as needed by providing warm hand-offs and coordinating transportation.

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Orchestrate connections to care including 24/7 outpatient scheduling, live bed registry, one-click mobile crisis dispatch, and robust data analytics.

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"I don’t know anyone who hasn’t experience loss through death or the fear of death due to the pandemic. I guarantee I could ask everyone I know and they would tell me they regret not telling or showing that they loved them. " #HopeIncStories #RecoveryTalk Read More

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“Drop-off refusals and medical clearance requirements,” notes Galdys, “create problematic barriers for first responders, making it more likely that they’ll take people straight to the emergency department or jail.” #CrisisTalk Read More

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"Decisions made by leaders across many sectors and at many levels of authority during the build-out of a comprehensive crisis system will have lasting implications for access, sustainability, and equity." Lisa Jobe-Shields, Katharine Hawkes #CrisisTalk Read More